Rashad Kayed: Pyrope A Nicer Jewel, A Comparison and Analysis of Hardware Description Languages

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Rashad Kayed
Advisor's Name: 
Jose Renau
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A Hardware Description Language also known as an HDL, is a language used to describe and test electronic circuits. Verilog was introduced in 1984 and is a one of the most used Hardware Description Language in the industry. However, Verilog lacks much needed capabilities that are essential for a user today and has fallen behind in terms of new user-friendly features.

Hence, the idea of a new HDL called Pyrope came about. Pyrope is the PHD thesis project of Haven Skinner, a graduate student at UCSC, headed by professor Jose Renau. My work focused on creating test cases of code and after careful research on both Verilog and Pyrope it became evident that Pyrope would offer a great new HDL, with very useful capabilities. One of the main improvements is not having to introduce all variables that will be used throughout a program, before starting to code. Also, coding in Pyrope requires 30%-40% less code than Verilog.