Jarred Moore: Undergraduate Research: Designing a System that Measures the Vibrations on a Wind Turbine

Student's Name: 
Jarred Moore
Advisor's Name: 
Joel Kubby
Home University: 

Undergraduate Jarred Moore (University of California, Santa Cruz) worked with graduate student Zach Graham and Professor Joel Kubby to develop a system that could monitor the vibrations of a wind turbine.

During irregular or severe wind conditions, wind turbines are susceptible to high amplitude vibrations that ware down its bearings. The deteriorated bearings reduce the efficiency and shorten the lifespan of wind turbine.

The monitoring system allows turbine operators to monitor vibrations of a turbine and identify destructive wind conditions. Whenever a destructive wind condition is detected the turbine will cease operations and wait for the conditions to pass. Ceasing turbine operations reduces the amplitude of the vibrations, protecting the device from unwanted damages.