Student Projects

Student projects are the highlight of the SURF-IT experience.

Each scholar spends 9 intense weeks working on a research problem. Scholars collaborate with other SURF-IT students, other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and their faculty mentor or mentors. Browsing past projects is a good way to explore undergraduate research at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering.

You can review the short summaries past students have written, as well as their posters and project reports.

Year: 2012
Project Year
Jonathan Lim: Software Defined Networking and Services 2012
Michael Ridgeway: Virtual Reality games and an Upper-Limb Exoskeleton geared at aiding Physical Therapy patients 2012
Naomi Kitzis: Developing Virtual Reality Games for Use in Physical Therapy 2012
Nathan Nguyen: Analysis of Solid State Nanopore for Signal Processing and Control 2012
Said Achmiz: 2012
Veronica Lynn: Sarcasm in Online Debates 2012
Xavier Dunkley: Analysis of Sub threshold voltage Designed in Verilog using Python 2012
Year: 2011
Project Year
Ben Cizdziel: Programmable LED Signs for Campus Buses 2011
Benjamin LaCara: Physical Design of Rachael SPARC 2011
Carol Owens: Wireless Programming of an Exoskeleton 2011
Edward Sullivan: Algorithm For Cross-Link Insertion To Improve Efficiency of Local Resonant Clock Trees 2011
Jennifer Lui: Mechanics of Document Formatting: Comparing strategies between undergraduates and graduates 2011
Jessica Cohen: A Step toward Cost-efficient DNA Sequencing: Creating an Abasic Map of ssDNA Held in an α-hemolysin Nanopore 2011
Kamil Slowikowski: Reverse transcriptase SuperScript III adds non-templated bases during cDNA polymerization 2011
Kathryn Dobbins: Reducing Power Consumption in Clock Grids 2011
Lourdes Morales: Formatting Checker Tool for Blind Word-Processor Users: Prototype Formatting Checker Add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007 2011
Rachel Rieger: Managing and Recycling Human Energy: A Redesign of the Lower Limb Exoskeleton 2011
Rebecca Emrick: LatchMaster: An iPhone Game to Simulate Breastfeeding 2011
Ryan Conway: Standing Wave Oscillators for Global Clock Distribution 2011
Year: 2010
Project Year
Amanda Getnzel: Extending the simulation of the Raven Surgical Robot System 2010
Ariel Anders: A Prototype of Automating the Drilling of a Tooth 2010
Chasen Peters: SRAM Memory Compiler 2010
Daniel Olivares: Data Collection: Putting it all together. The SCORPION Statistics Collection System 2010
Jason Mak: OpenCL Sparse Linear Solver for Circuit Simulation 2010
Jordan Maier: Where is your bus? The Slug Transit Bus Tracking System 2010