Student Projects

Student projects are the highlight of the SURF-IT experience.

Each scholar spends 9 intense weeks working on a research problem. Scholars collaborate with other SURF-IT students, other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and their faculty mentor or mentors. Browsing past projects is a good way to explore undergraduate research at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering.

You can review the short summaries past students have written, as well as their posters and project reports.

Year: 2010
Project Year
Jose Ayon Loza: Analysis of Exonuclease-DNA binding measurement distributions using a nanopore 2010
Leeann Mangoba: Analyzing Physical Activity with the iPod Accelerometer 2010
Lourdes Morales: Motivating Adolescents to be Physically Active Using a Mobile Game 2010
Shannon Parker: Designing an Obstacle Course Game to Motivate Physical Activity among Teens 2010
Stephanie Lukin: Improving Internet Speed: A Comparison of Round-Trip Time Algorithms 2010
Year: 2009
Project Year
Aaron Ganick: An Autopilot Experience 2009
Adrienne Woodworth: Combating Obesity Trends in Teenagers Through Persuasive Mobile Technology 2009
Alison Craig: Creating Accessible Comics 2009
Asma Uz-Zaman: Electrical Characterization of the qNano for Particle Detection 2009
Ben Farley: Developing a Virtual Environment for Integration with Exoskeleton Arms 2009
Daniel Taller: Detecting and Decoding Barcodes in Images 2009
David Smith: Design of a Stabilized Camera for UAV's 2009
Jaakko Karras: Improving Inertial Sensors on the OVERBOT 2009
Katarina Miller: Epidemic Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks 2009
Melisa Kudeki: Motivating Physical Activity in Teens through Mobile Technology 2009
Pate Motter: Recording Stroke Patient Progress 2009
Patrick Ellis: System Identification - Modeling the Nanopore 2009
Peter LoBue: Epidemic Routing Protocol for Delay Tolerant Networks 2009
Sarah Richardson: Developing Exoskeleton Controlled Virtual Reality Games for Rehabilitation 2009
Tina Nguyen: Lower Limb Exoskeleton 2009
Wade Gobel: Managing a New Internet 2009
Willi Ballenthin: Applying Artificial Intelligence for an Efficient Internet 2009
Year: 2008
Project Year
Miguel Salcedo: FPGA Overclocking: Developing a platform to model IC variability 2008
Allison Weis: Finding Vaccine Candidates for Malaria: A Bioinformatics approach 2008
Alyssa Rosenzwieg: Street Sound: Navigate with your ears 2008