Student Projects

Student projects are the highlight of the SURF-IT experience.

Each scholar spends 9 intense weeks working on a research problem. Scholars collaborate with other SURF-IT students, other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and their faculty mentor or mentors. Browsing past projects is a good way to explore undergraduate research at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering.

You can review the short summaries past students have written, as well as their posters and project reports.

Year: 2008
Project Year
Collin Engstrom: GUI Solution to Heterogeneous Testbed Complexity 2008
Cooper Levy: Nanopore Signal Processing and System Identification for Faster Event Detection 2008
Denise Leal: Thermal Characterization of Multi-Finger Mosfet 2008
Ian Lee: Making the Most of your Hardware - Micro-Benchmarks on NVIDIA GPUs 2008
Max Velado: Color Targets: A wayfinding system for the visually impaired 2008
Michael Cutter: Community Implicit and Explicit Feeback Recommender 2008
Rebecca Mason: Haptic Modeling of a Street Intersection Using the Novint Falcon 2008
Salvador Vazquez: Ground Station for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autopilot 2008
Samantha Downey: Eliminating Surface Adhesion Between Biomolecules and Silicon 2008
Sean Bromage: SCORPION: A heterogeneous wireless networking testbed 2008
Year: 2007
Project Year
Ayla Solomon: A GUI Problem: Designing and implementing a graphical user interface that creates finite state machines 2007
Christopher Wegemer: Signal Processing Methods of Thermoreflectance Imaging 2007
David Lewis: Exploring The Use of Sub-Threshold Transistors Using Genetic Algorithms 2007
Elizabeth Koch: Feedback Control of DNA Hairpin Molecules in a Nanopore 2007
Gwendolyn Einfeld: Learning to Share: Disk scheduling using a hierarchical token bucket filetering algorithm 2007
Jing (Kelly) Zhang: Force Feedback Mouse: Exploring shape learning for the visually impaired 2007
Kee-Yip Chan: Blind Cam: Smart-phone Wayfinding for the Blind 2007
Laurel DeMarco: The Re-Boat Controller: Joystick Control for an Autonomous Catamaran 2007
Messan Arnaud Lawson: Network Pricing and the Price of Anarchy 2007
Michael McThrow: CLIP: A Compact, Load-balancing Index Placement Function 2007
Nadine Amsel: Load Balancing in File Systems 2007
Scott Triglia: Two Software Improvements for Autonomous Navigation 2007
Victor De La Rosa: Evaluating Inexpensive Webcams as Visual Sensors 2007
Year: 2006
Project Year
Bob Stark: Expert Move Prediction in Go 2006
Chris Woodruff: An Off-Road Autonomous Ground Vehicle Testbed 2006