Student Projects

Student projects are the highlight of the SURF-IT experience.

Each scholar spends 9 intense weeks working on a research problem. Scholars collaborate with other SURF-IT students, other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and their faculty mentor or mentors. Browsing past projects is a good way to explore undergraduate research at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering.

You can review the short summaries past students have written, as well as their posters and project reports.

Year: 2006
Project Year
Christoph Rau: Using Conserved Elements to Assist in Gene Annotation 2006
Crissan Harris: Predicting Protein Structure -- CASP7 2006
Cynthia Hsu: Interpreting the Outout of the Undertaker Protein-Folding Algorithm 2006
Eli Kwitman: OVERBOT 2006
Elisabeth Kain: Enhancing and Developing Appraches to Gene Annotation 2006
Jose Madrigal: Rudder Control for an Autonomous Sailboat 2006
Kendrick Boyd: In-Flight Data Management for Distributed Storage Systems 2006
Megan Kierstead: Software Evolution 2006
Michael McThrow: Metadata Management 2006
Ricardo Chavez: Rudder Control for an Autonomous Sailing Catamaran 2006
Robert Murray: Cell Phones: Wayfinding assistive technology for the visually impaired 2006
Year: 2005
Project Year
Aaron Lehmann: Wireless Transmission System for Brain Controlled Lower Limb Prosthesis 2005
Daniel Garalde: RoboBrain 2005
David Alejandro Benitez: Multi-Function Underwater Environmental Condition Recorder 2005
Emily Quader: Temperature Profile in IC Chips Using Laser Raman Characterization 2005
Jo Chou: SEA-LABS, CARNIVORES, Surf-IT Website 2005
JoJo Chang: Creating a Visual Language for Visualizing Argumentation and Large Design Spaces 2005
Khi Lam: Pattern Matching in Network Intrusion Detection Systems 2005
Kristy Vu: LEON3 Emulator for SCOORE 2005
Lisa McGarthwaite: Haptic Technology for the Blind: A grid map using dynamic forces and sound 2005
Owen Hoffmann: Linking File System 2005
Reaiah Brown: Creating a Visual Language for Visualizing Argumentation and Large Design Spaces 2005
Stephanie Cheng: Object Avoidance: Pulse Contorl for Frame Subtraction 2005
Year: 2004
Project Year
Anna Agadjanian: The Coyote Database 2004
Chris Lankford 2004