Research Areas

SURF-IT Focuses on Integrative Health System Design

Faculty and student researchers work on design projects that bring together diverse disciplines, skills, and people to solve specific research problems in health systems. All projects utilize computing research that facilitates active health and healthy and independent living, more specifically in researching and developing systems and intelligence for (i) maintaining and improving health and functional ability, (ii) facilitating high quality of life and independence, and (iii) helping prevent chronic disease and disability.


1. Computer Systems Research. Integrating hardware, software and communication infrastructure to develop the next generations of reliable, and low-cost health prevention, monitoring and rehabilitation systems.

2. Sensor and Robotics. Creating physical systems and algorithms that sense, compute, plan, and actuate in their environment based on perceived needs to maintain healthy and independent living.

3. User-Centered Assistive Technology. Exploration, design and
evaluation of applications for helping members of society with special needs, developed with active
involvement of people with special needs, their caregivers and health professionals.