Student Projects

Student projects are the highlight of the SURF-IT experience.

Each scholar spends 9 intense weeks working on a research problem. Scholars collaborate with other SURF-IT students, other undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and their faculty mentor or mentors. Browsing past projects is a good way to explore undergraduate research at UCSC's Baskin School of Engineering.

You can review the short summaries past students have written, as well as their posters and project reports.

Year: 2014
Project Year
Adrienne Saludades: Baby Resuscitation Enhanced: A Tech Helper (BREATH) Device 2014
Erik Jung: Single Molecule Sensing With Voltage Detection 2014
Hannah Becton: ESCAPE: Generating Energy from Animal Movements 2014
Hunter Nichols: Valsalva Device: Non-Invasive Heart Failure Prediction 2014
Leland Miller: SWEETcam: Solar Wi-Fi Energy Efficient Tracking Cameras 2014
Mark Idleman: Indoor Localization With iBeacons 2014
Michael Weber: Developing Effective Data Analysis for Speech Pathologist 2014
Nathaniel Hooks: Simulation of Proposed Serial Manipulator for International Space Station's Mobile Servicing System 2014
Tyler Peterson: Air Bearing Test Rig for a CubeSat Altitude Stabilization System 2014
Yongxuan (Mike) Tan: Online Review System for People with Developmental and Cognitive Disabilities 2014
Year: 2013
Project Year
Candace Walden: Small UAVs for volcanic plume sampling 2013
Dylan Gardner: Speech Adventure: Cleft Speech Therapy via Speech Recognition 2013
Garrett Wong: Pore Characterization and Event Detection in Solid-State Nanopores 2013
James Ridgers: Dual Phase Integrator for Two Photon Microscopy 2013
Jarred Moore: Undergraduate Research: Designing a System that Measures the Vibrations on a Wind Turbine 2013
Marisa Warner: The Set Up and Foundation of the Husky 2013
Rashad Kayed: Pyrope A Nicer Jewel, A Comparison and Analysis of Hardware Description Languages 2013
Sarah Dean: ANIMA Sensor Calibrations & Power Management 2013
Theodore Sudol: Evaluating Pyrope: A Modern Hardware Description Language 2013
Timothy Pace & Bryan Smith: Visualization in Power and Energy in Realtime (ViPER) 2013
Tyler Esser: Public Transit Assistant: Providing Ease of Use to All Passengers 2013
Year: 2012
Project Year
Brian Chen: Variations of SNMs in Sub-threshold Circuits 2012
Jessica Hall: QGroundControl: Ground Station for Land, Water and Air Autonomous Vehicles 2012
John Ash: Autonomous Sea Lion 2012
John Chambers: Game-based Motivation for Speech Therapy 2012