NOTE: All dates and times are subject to change.

SURF-IT Orientation, Monday June 23 (Room E2-215)

  • 9:30am Introductions (coffee provided)
  • 9:45am Program overview
  • 10:00 General information (keys, accounts, fields trips, questions, etc
  • 10:15 Grad Student Panel (including prior SURF-IT students)
  • 10:45 Walk to facilites/Keys
  • 11:15 Student led campus tour
  • 12:00 Lunch with faculty and graduate students
  • 1:00-3:00pm Lab visits/Project discussions

June Activities (9:30-11:00am, E2-215)

  • June 24, Research Group Presentation # 1: Prof. Elkaim, Prof. Dunbar, Lourdes Morales
  • June 24 Santa Cruz Downtown Walking Tour, 11:30-3:30. Please bring cash for bus and lunch (wear comfortable shoes) (~$10-12)
  • June 25, Research Group Presentation # 2: Prof. Manduchi, Prof. Guthaus (?), Zachary Rubin
  • June 25, SURF IT Pre-Survey 12:00-1pm Please bring your laptop to fill out the survey.


July Activities (9:30-11:00am, E2-215)

  • July 1, Applying to Grad School/Statements of Purpose (Gerald Moulds, Emily Gregg)
  • July 2, Google Field Trip (Bring $8-10 for lunch; leave campus at 9am)
  • July 8, Student Talks #1: Becton, Hooks, Idleman, Jung, Miller
  • July 9,  Student Talks #2: Nichols, Peterson, Saludades, Tan, Weber
  • July 17,  Computer History Museum *optional*(depart UCSC @ 10am, tour from 11-1pm)
  • July 20, Statment of Purpose DUE no later than 11:59pm (email to
  • July 22, Statements of Purpose Pt. 2/Peer Editing (Gerald Moulds) 
  • July 29, Poster Writing (Gerald Moulds)


August Activities (9:30-11:00am, E2-215)

  • August 4, Abtract Submission Deadline (11:59pm)
  • August 5, Poster Draft due by 11:59pm to Gerald; (.pdf, avoid dark background colors)
  • August 5, IBM Almaden Field Trip (Bring $8-10 for lunch; leave campus at 8:45am)
  • August 7, Poster Peer Editing - (Gerald Moulds)
  • August 11, Poster Submission Due by 11:59pm. Send PDF to and (poster dimensions will be 48"x36")
  • August 15, Poster Presentation in Engineering Courtyard (setup is at 9am, poster session is 11am-1pm)
  • August 19, Oral Presentations in E2-599:  Weber, Tan, Saludades, Peterson, Nichols (9:30am-12pm)
  • Augusts 20, Oral Presentations in E2-599:  Miller, Jung, Idleman, Hooks, Becton (9:30am-12pm)
  • August 21, Farewell and Evaluation Focus Group - Complete End of Program Surveys prior to focus group (E2-215) Post Survey (bring your laptops) begins 12pm.
    • 12:00pm Post Survey on laptops
    • 1:00pm - Group One (Becton, Hooks, Idleman, Jung, Miller)
    • 2:00pm - Group Two (Nichols, Peterson, Saludades, Tan, Weber)
    • *NOTE: All students attend the 12pm group survey.



  • September 1, Research highlight due
  • September 15, Final report and travel reimbursement due.

Field Trips

Final Report and Highlight

Must complete to receive your last check.

  • Discuss the format and content of your report with your advisor.
    • Your advisor will need to approve the final report before submitting.
    • Here are some suggestions about the highlight and report.
  • Submit your report file "lastname-report.pdf".
  • Email the report to your advisor, Matthew, and Colt after it is done and your advisor approved it.
  • Email your highlight summary and pictures (examples on web page and sent by email) to Matthew and Colt.